Benefits of Hair Products for your Kids

From magazines to online websites, countless options are available at present to help us guide through the details of hair care. But often we overlook the importance of hair care for our kids and use the same hair products for children as those used for an adult. However, the requirements for hair products for babies varies widely from that of adults, and the use of unsuitable products can cause more harm than heal.

Children have different kinds of hairs while some have beautiful locks other tend to have soft straight hairs. But baby hair is often softer than adults, and when it comes to finding the best-suited shampoo or the perfect conditioner it can be a tough job. Prolonged usage of improper products may lead to fatal hair damage in later years. Hence, for Malaysian kids using authentic baby products is necessary.

Now that we are already aware of using child special hair products for kids let's dive deep into the details of why baby hair care products are necessary.

Benefits of kid friendly Shampoos: Adult shampoos contain a significant amount of several chemical ingredients like ammonia. These chemicals help to produce lather giving the false impression of cleaning. However, the presence of such ingredients may cause the scalp of your baby to become dry.

Many babies often suffer from a condition called 'cradle cap', which is the presence of dandruff. Doctors recommend to clean the hair twice or thrice a week to avoid cradle cap. However, using ammonia contained shampoos will increase the possibility of dryness leading to more dandruff.

Kid friendly shampoos come with little or no content of ammonia. Moreover, they are tear free and does not cause any harm even if swallowed by the baby. Hence, opt for a baby shampoo for our kid and avoid adult products.

Benefits of baby oils: Another important product that helps to nourish the hair is oil. Regular oiling of hair is often advised to avoid dryness and retain the elasticity of the hair.

Again, using the adult oils might not be the best choice for a hair care routine for your baby. This is because children respond differently to a foreign agent being introduced into their skin. Due to less exposure, kids are more sensitive to the effects of oiling and often require different ingredients to give the best result. Even oils suitable for a toddler may not be the same for a child of 10 years.

So, choosing the baby oil according to age and hair type is necessary to ensure a well-nourished scalp. Regular oiling also enhances smooth blood circulation.

Baby Hair Conditioning Treatments: Many of us frown at the idea of having hair treatments for kids. Aren't they too young? Won't the products damage their hair? Well, the risk of damage only persists if you avoid the usage of baby hair treatments.

For Malaysian kids, the treatments are fairly simple and most often only include hair conditioners. A child of 1.5-2 years can be introduced to deep conditioning treatments. Many kids have curly hairs and suffer from the everyday problems of tangling. Using a kid-friendly conditioner not only helps to soften the curls but also hydrates the scalp and brings back the shine.

Overall, using a baby hair conditioner from increases the softness and consistent usage can prevent dryness of the scalp.

Benefits of Baby Hair Accessories: The most important baby hair accessory is a hair comb. To comb through the resistant curls can be an ordeal. To avoid hair fall and hurting the scalp while combing, use a wide-toothed brush or paddle brush.

Hair combs and other accessories specifically available for the babies ensure that the knots are gently separated. Using an ordinary brush with tiny teeth may lead to a lot of hair fall.

Conclusion for Baby Hair Care Products

Your kid needs the best of your care, and every minute detail must be kept in consideration to provide a healthy lifestyle for a baby. Kids are generally more sensitive than adults and are prone to more damages. Hence, they demand special attention and hair care is an integral part of the process.

The immense benefits that kid friendly products from Wellborn Malaysia offer have already stated the necessity of using these products instead of adult hair products. From sensitive shampoos to comfortable combs, these products are specially developed to give your child the best of comfort. A wide range of kid-friendly hair products are available from Wellborn, Malaysia leading online store for babies' hair care products. Browse through the array of hair products and choose the one best suited for your baby.